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Yacht Rock/What a Fool Believes ?
Submitted to Channel 101 LA
Series Yacht Rock
Screening date Sunday, June 26th - 2005
Audience share 70.2% (1st at screening with 194 votes)
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Keep the Fire

Video:Yacht Rock Episode 1 Longtime Channel 101 bridesmaids J.D. Ryznar and Hunter Stair have finally entered Prime Time, and they've done it Batman style, straight through the skylight. Pilots that debut at #1 tend not to fizzle quickly; could Yacht Rock be a new House of C**bys?

In the pilot episode, Kenny Loggins, under the guidance of Koko Goldstein, reaches out to a struggling Michael McDonald, who's having trouble writing a smooth hit for his band the Doobie Brothers.

Song List[]

  • Michael McDonald-Sweet Freedom
  • George Benson-Breezin'
  • Loggins & Messina-Sailin the wind
  • Kenny Loggins-Whenever I call You Friend
  • Doobie Brothers-What a Fool Believes
  • Doobie Brothers-Sweet Feelin'
  • Doobie Brothers-You Never Change
  • Hall and Oates-Alley Katz
  • Kenny Loggins - What a fool Believes

Cast and Crew[]



  • Director/Writer ... JD Ryznar
  • Producer ... Hunter D Stair, JD Ryznar, David B Lyons
  • Cinematographer ... Jason Newfield, Willie Dynamite, Rod Hassler
  • Editor ... Lane Farnham
  • Crew ... Jeremy Hurlburt