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Yacht Rock/Keep the Fire ?
Submitted to Channel 101 LA
Series Yacht Rock
Screening date Sunday, July 24th - 2005
Audience share 95.0% (1st at screening with 233 votes)
Episode length Five minutes. (original) 6:24 (extended)
View on:, Youtube.
Episode Guide
What a Fool Believes
I'm Alright

Video:Yacht Rock Episode 2 (long cut) The second episode of Yacht Rock.

Hall and Oates go toe to toe with McDonald and Loggins in a back alley contest, with tragic results.

Loggins and McDonald pair up against the duo Hall & Oates for a songwriting competition. Koko is accidentally impaled by his lucky harpoon during the ensuing melee, but is at peace before his death by hearing the smoothest song ever sung by a young Christopher Cross.

Song List[]

  • Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom
  • Steely Dan - Peg
  • Doobie Brothers - What a fool believes
  • Hall and Oates - Sara Smile
  • Hall and Oates - Portable Radio
  • Kenny Loggins - This is It
  • Kenny Loggins - Love has come of age
  • Christopher Cross - Sailing

Cast and Crew[]



  • Director/Writer ... JD Ryznar
  • Producer ... Hunter Stair, JD Ryznar, David B Lyons
  • Cinematographer ... Rod Hassler, Jason Newfield, JD Ryznar
  • Editor ... Lane Farnham
  • Sound/Crew ... Adam Catino

Differences between cuts[]

Footage added to the extended cut can be identified by how the picture gets worn out as it is shown. The episode is referred to as "Keep the Fire Burnin' Bright" in the extended cut and "Keep the Fire" in the original cut. thumb|right|Cinescape Cut. Audio muted due to WMG Copyright claim.