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Created by Ryan Ridley.

Ep:1: One month after Ryznar and Stair busted through the skylight and made themselves at home at #1, Ryan Ridley and company now squeak in quietly at the ground floor- boxing out the tired Harmonosaurus Laser Fart in the process. Channel 101 has indeed been surrounded, perhaps officially overtaken, by a new generation, and the audience couldn't be more pleased. Brilliantly written and executed, Utopia is unlikely to go anywhere but upward and experts are predicting a brutal battle betweeen Ridley's future and Ryznar's nostalgia.

Ep:2: Our hero gets a new partner and then a whole new world of troubles.

Screening Info

  • First Screening Sunday, July 24th - 2005
  • Last Screening Sunday, August 28th - 2005
  • Last Audience Share 84.4% (6th at screening with 207 votes)

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