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The cancellations of Gregory Shitcock, P.I. and Utopia, while tragic, allowed for the unique and powerful partnership of Drew Hancock and Ryan Ridley, and resulted in Wastelander, a masterpiece in all areas of production, that garnered a few Channy awards for its performances and costumes. No previous show more thoroughly exemplified the ability of Channel 101 to match and even outperform legitimate television. Although Hancock retired from the creative partnership just prior to its cancellation, one can only speculate whether his plans to leave had some karmic effect or if he just got bored before audiences did. In any case, Wastelander will forever stand as a classic- the quintessential Channel 101 show.

To truly understand Wastelander, one must put themselves in the shoes of the principal character, Bruce. While Bruce's teleportation into the Wastelands is never adequately explained, his fight for survival becomes the salvation for the Wastelander. Bruce first meets the Wastelander running from Lord Humonculous seemingly overwhelmed by his current reality. However the Wastelander, who admitedly had only killed murderers and cannibals, was presented an innocent.. something never before seen in the Wastelands.

Bruce's confusion provides the basis for the series, typified by his longing stare into Thermine the Diviner's Portal into his former world in Episode 3. Bruce's love for those who aid him provides the basis for The Wastelander forsaking his brotherhood for the sake of friendship [episode 4]; and Bruce's confusion lead to his savagery on the cult leader who enslaves them in Episode 5.

Would've liked to have seen more. maybe a 15 minute show on Adult Swim