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Created by Dan Harmon, Sevan Najarian and Justin Roiland.

Screening Info
First Screening Sunday, April 24th - 2005

Last Screening Sunday, October 30th - 2005

Last Audience Share 63.0% (8th at screening with 145 votes)

A marijuana induced experiment that generated more data than ever expected, MESI was a show that taught us all a lot of lessons, none of which may ever be agreed upon. Rejected by the prime time panel, it was the only show to ever enter the screening via the short-lived "wildcard" system, then went on to garner more votes by acquiring the beloved Sarah Silverman and heroically committing to its anti-production value. After entertaining many, irritating many and confusing many more, MESI was put to an appropriate death in the bloody Halloween screening of 2005.