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Not to be confused with the shot-for-shot remake Defenders of Slan.

Created by Austin Bragg and Hunter Christy.

Super-powered heroes unite to defend humanity - in this case, one guy. "Defenders of Stan" called it a series in February, self-canceling after a record-setting 20 episodes.

The Defenders of Stan - ep. 20 - Austin Bragg, Hunter Christy - 2009/02/04 08:00

With an epic 13-minute episode, including commercials and a newscast from a Capital City tv station, the Big Honkin' Crew *almost* bring the series to conclusion....

The Defenders of Stan - ep. 19 - Austin Bragg, Hunter Christy - 2008/11/03 08:00

A super villain's plan to trap Captain Ultra turns into a pity party....

The Defenders of Stan - ep. 18 - Austin Bragg, Hunter Christy - 2008/09/16 07:00

A paternity suit threatens to shake up Stan's and Ultra's already dysfunctional relationship....

The Defenders of Stan - ep. 17 - Austin Bragg, Hunter Christy - 2008/08/04 07:00

Stan proves to be as popular at vlogging as he is elsewhere in the Staniverse....

The Defenders of Stan - ep. 16 - Austin Bragg, Hunter Christy - 2008/07/07 07:00

At poker night, three heroes (and Stan) discuss their eventful days. Also, a totally SWEET-looking satellite careens toward the city....

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