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<videogallery> Video:2006 Channy Awards - Red Carpet Pre-Show with Mike Rose|Red Carpet Pre-Show with Mike Rose.

Video:Channel 101 Confessions Uncut

Video:channy tribute|Dan's got a beard.

Video:2006 Channy Closing Credit Segment|By JD Ryznar.

Video:channel 1-0-Fun!|By Abed Gheith.

Video:2006 Channy Music Segment|By JD Ryznar.

Video:channel 101 nightmare sequence|By Abed Gheith and Sevan Najarian.


Video:WWII Credits Segment|By Ryan Nagata.

Video:Channy Closing sequence

Video:Channies 2006 End Credit Sequence 1

Video:Channies 2006 End Credit Sequence 2

Video:channy closing

Video:opening channy's

Video:channy a women place

Video:channy acting

Video:channy memories 3 </videogallery>