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T R Wilkinson is a Writer/Editor/Director from Chicago Illinois. As of July 2010 he has graduated from film school at Tribeca Flashpoint in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles.

He has created or co-created 8 Channel 101 rejected pilots; Deathcock for January 2009, My Douchebag Brother for March 2009, Lady Ghostbusters for April 2009, Operation Murderkill for August 2010, "Shitlock Holmes, #2 Detective" for September 2010, "Lifestyles of the Rich and Crimesolving" and "Herman's Binky" for October 2010, and "Bleyaert & Murrell and the Movies" for January 2010.

"Bleyaert & Murrell" was invited to submit to Channel 101:NY and was accepted for their Feburary 2010 screening.

He currently lives in Sherman Oaks and is working as an assistant to a Tony award winning Director.

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