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Left to right: Mark McConville, Jeremy Carter, Jeff Crocker and Matt Gourley.

"Profiles In Self-Obsession."

Superego is an improvised, absurdist comedy podcast on iTunes by American comedians Jeremy Carter and Matt Gourley with regular contributors Mark McConville and Jeff Crocker.


The audio podcast is presented as a collection of psychological case studies under the banner of 'Analytical Pscience.' The Superego Podcast was developed by clinical 'psychiatrists' Dr. Jeremy Carter, Ph.D and Dr. Matt Gourley, Py.T. The Superego mission statement: observe and record the phenomenon of megalomaniacal personality disorder, or MPD. Each month Carter and Gourley present case studies of characters with various personality disorders.

Nearly all the sketches are completely improvised in each recording session. The segments generally run 5–10 minutes unedited and Gourley edits them down to a 2-4 minute show length.


The Superego Podcast debuted in 2006 on iTunes. Originally developed as an audio podcast, Superego has recently added video 'Supershorts.' Carter and Gourley met while performing in ComedySportz and were founding contributors to Channel 101 where their show, Ultraforce, was a number one series. Superego began in Long Beach, California in 2006 and features regular audio pocasts and less regular video shorts called Supershorts. The videos are the contribution of Jeff Crocker.

Their first live show, Superego Live! was performed in Long Beach, California on December 10, 2008 and then again in Hollywood, California on March 11, 2009.


Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock)
Joe Lo Truglio (The State, Reno 911!)
Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Program)
Derek Mears (Pirates of the Caribbean, Friday the 13th)
Chris Tallman (Reno 911!, Chocolate News)
Jeff Davis (Whose Line Is It Anyway?)
Erinn Hayes (Worst Week, Children's Hospital)
Lauren Pritchard (MADtv)
Mike Rock (Chelsea Lately)
Scott Chernoff (Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kitten Vs. Newborn)
Andy Goldblatt (Kitten Vs. Newborn)
Fred Belford (Last Laugh)

Recurring Characters[]

"This is going to happen" - Imogene Kanouse

"Have you seen Spidermin 2?" - Trevor Lundgren

"I like gettin' naked on your front lawn." - Shunt McGuppin'"

Season 1

Shunt McGuppin
Imogene Canouse
Mutt Taylor
Bruce 'The Throat' Hume and Ed 'The Inflection' Olivas
Milton and Dupree
Trevor Lundgren
The Reverends Allard H. Mundy Jr. and Merlin Escondante Daniels
Dwight Loomis
Grandma Queen Bee
Grandma Jonesy

Season 2

Maggie The GPS
Leroy Jenkins
Coach Helzevec
Janice Caaf

Superego Supershorts[]

Video available on iTunes, and FunnyOrDie

Gettin' Laid With Rutherford B. Hayes
California Cooking with Claymore Cleveland
Access Geology

Fun Facts[]

  • Dwight Loomis is based on the actorGeorge Buck Flower.
  • The Character of Imogene was created after Gourley found the 'mouse' vocal filter on GarageBand.
  • Bruce and Ed, the movie voice guys were developed by Carter and Gourley endlessly trying to annoy their ex-wife and ex-girlfriend respectively.
  • Matt Gourley and Mark McConville appeared on an episode of Lingo! hosted by Chuck Woolery. They were dressed like aliens, as it was SciFi week. They won.
  • Superego was originally conceived on a cocktail napkin at an Irish pub in Seal Beach, California.
  • The characters of Vyvyan and Cyril from 'Pageturner Presents' are named after Oscar Wilde's two sons.
  • Grandma Queen Bee and Grandma Jonesy are based on Carter and Gourley's actual grandmothers.
  • The '3 Total Assholes' sketch with Jason Sudeikis and Joe Lo Truglio was actually recorded on a laptop, in a car.
  • The number 710 is frequently used throughout the podcast, referencing the CA-710 Long Beach freeway.
  • Matt Gourley also blogs as Bizarrobama on Twitter.
  • Trevor Lundegaard/Lungren/Rothstein never has the same last name.
  • The Coach Helzevec character was thrown at Gourley in spite of the fact that he knows nothing about sports except to name check Dan Fouts.


• 1st Place - Viral Video Night, Improv Olympic West, November 2008 [1]
• The first double 5 star rating on Edgy Podcast Reviews

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