The many faces of Steve Sutton.

Long may he be remembered. Although he took down all his videos, so fuck you......Except you can see him in this.

Article on SomethingAwful about yo mama.

Steve Sutton,Has two boiled nuts and a mushroom cock..... nah it is actually 2 feet long and he has sex with the his next door nieghbour through a hole in the wall all night long. He is a world famous porn star from the early 90's and still gets him some with "fringe" benefits... iced tea all round.... Currently on Youtube under the name "Protopod" Steve continues to make quality videos however his afamed "how to eat a boiled peanut" video is sadly lost in time. My milkshake brings all the gurls to tha yard... and they're like it's better than yours... damn right, it's better than yours... I can teach you but then I'd have to charge....

When challanged directly Steve tends to become engulfed in rage and WILL tea-bag your face... approach with extreme caution.. or some fish sticks. The year is now Twenty Eeee-Leven... The Protopods second cumming.

...This Wiki is turning my anus inside out..&nbsp

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