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Channel 101 Fun Fact - with Mike McCafferty

Over the years, Channel 101 has grown into an elaborate community of talented people who work together on pilots, developing fruitful and interesting collaborations. To contrast, Mike McCafferty has thrown all notions of camaraderie and teamwork out the window for the one-man-band production, Quest. On the surface, the show is a journey for raisins, but at it's core it is an experiment in form: demonstrating that you don't need an ensemble of actors and elaborate locations to tell a good story. You don't even need a crew. You just need a McCafferty and a Camcorder.

Fun Facts[]

  • The big moment at the screening that you can't view online? When McCafferty turns to the camera and say "tiny people" in Episode Five, he is referring to the Cinespace audience. As a bonus level of reality-bending, during that moment he stood up in the audience (always making sure he was in on-screen Mike's eye line) waved to himself and said "Mike! It's Me! I'm looking at you and you're looking at me!" The on-screen Mike waves back and then decides that this is too much reality. He almost cut that segment for time but it ended up getting applause. Shows what he knows.


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