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What is “The Footloose Remake”?[]

We are a collection of amateur filmmakers and video-making enthusiasts, recreating the Kevin Bacon classic and releasing it this summer. Different filmmakers from “around the world” have divided the original 1984 Footloose into 54 different scenes. 54 different filmmakers. 54 different Ren McCormack’s.

In October 2008 it was announced that Paramount Pictures and Dylan Sellers Productions would be remaking the classic Footloose, starring Zac Efron. We were fed up. The Hollywood remake machine was going to take another solid movie, put it through the ringer, and make a buck from a younger generation.

We decided “Let’s beat them to the punch. Let’s do this remake our way.”

Originally slated to release in June 2010, director complications have pushed the release of “The New Studio Remake Footloose” back to 2011. Hollywood can’t make it by 2010? We can.

Our fifty-four filmmaker “The Footloose Remake” will hit Los Angeles in June, taking the place of Paramount’s release.

Let’s undermine the Hollywood remake machine.

World Premiere: Thursday July 1st 2010 at The Downtown Independent

Click here for the first official poster.

Click here to view the letter we sent to Paramount Studios.