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Lil misterglasses

Created by Mitch Magee.

Accepted by both Panels, Magee's show was not picked up by the Cinespace Audience for more episodes at Channel 101 LA, however Mister Glasses was a long-running success at Channel 101:NY. Summary[]

Gorgeous black and white photography, a character obsessed with modernist architecture...what's not to like? Mister Glasses left Prime Time without firing a shot in November, leaving behind a moody, AMC-like 8-episode run. Summary[]

Mister Glasses is an modernist architect who has fallen in popularity. But he's decided to start over with some new friends.

Episode One[]


After weathering a storm of commissions, Mister Glasses reaffirms his architectural philosophy. Look out for a cameo from old 102 friends John Gemberling and Curtis Gwinn.

NY Screening Info[]

  • screened: 2007-11-05 at tribeca cinemas
  • votes: 89/94 - 94.68% share; placed 2nd of 9

LA Screening Info[]

  • SCREENING DATE Sunday, October 28th - 2007
  • AUDIENCE SHARE 35.4% (7th at screening with 62 votes)

Episode Two[]

Can an architect build a bridge between two hearts? Mister Glasses helps a lovelorn student using a miniature erection.

Screening Info[]

  • screened: 2008-02-05 at pianos
  • votes: 104/113 - 92.04% share; placed 1st of 10

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