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Mike is from Milford, Michigan but was raised in Ypsilanti, where he took high school drama as 'a lark', never knowing that this would develop into a love that would displace his then hopes of being a biologist.. He attended Eastern Michigan University where he leaned twoards theater arts. Mike spent three years as the artistic director of an interactive comedy dinner theater in Michigan, as well as performing in an acapella vocal group calling themselves the Atomic Young Ultrasonics.

Mike is a huge fan of science fiction (particularly Star Trek).

Mike McCafferty played Lieutenant Colonel Collins in Idiocracy, and played Albert Eberts in The Invisible Man (2000 TV series). Albert Eberts came to the Agency from the IRS, and serves as both assistant to The Official and the Agency's bookkeeper. He usually conducts Darien and Hobbes' briefings, frequently going into more detail than The Official deems necessary and being told: "Shut up, Eberts."


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