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Laser Fart began as a joke submission during a light month in 2004. Creator Dan Harmon was able to keep it alive with a Jack Black cameo in episode 2. On the third episode, Harmon teamed up with samurai lensman David Hartman and Channel 101 history was made. Laser Fart delighted audiences with its ironically epic feel and came breathtakingly close to breaking The 'Bu's record for longest running show. Then, in July of 2005, a weary Harmon wrote a ridiculous, slapdash script and the always hungry audience moved down the buffet, never looking back. This coincided with the "takeover" of 101 at the hands of a new generation of leaner, meaner (well, nicer), post-ironic underdogs like J.D. Ryznar, Ryan Ridley, Justin Roiland and the once-cursed Valley Pals. Laser Fart stands as a 101 legend and a cautionary tale: No artist has immunity, no show has true momentum. We can all go at any time.


  • Had 7 months off during it's 10 epp run.