Channel 101 Wiki

Created by JD Ryznar and Vatche Panos.



Episode One.

Screening Info[]

  • FIRST SCREENING: Sunday, July 30th - 2006
  • LAST SCREENING: Sunday, August 27th - 2006
  • LAST AUDIENCE SHARE: 20.7% (9th at screening with 68 votes)


Channel 101 successes lead to Channel 101 friendships and Channel 101 mix-n-match pilots. A Panos and Ryznar team up would have seemed almost unfathomable twelve months ago, but here it is, in the recent setting sun of Yacht Rock and Playboy Adventures, those two pump out something like this. Juri! is the story of a immigrant who uses the proper channels to become an american citizen. The quaint show slipped through the fence into Prime Time in July, but was deported by the audience one month later.


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