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John Olsen's Powers:

STARDUST FLASH – John Olsen can transform into a human-sized talking star that gives off brilliant illumination. Additionally, John Olsen is able to materialize a hungry panther in the center of this star, which will then leap forward to attack his enemies.

SUMMON THE SKELETONS OF A CRIMINAL'S VICTIMS - Using this strange ability, John Olsen can summon the skeletal remains of a criminal's victims and force the criminal to stare at them.

MOST POWERFUL RAY – Using his most powerful ray which flashes from John Olsen's left bicep, the hero can cause all of his enemies to fly into the air and then travel to wherever he wants them to, for example into the fiery heart of the raging sun.


  • Alphabet Men ... Mr. P
  • 2007 Channy Awards/Production Design ... Himself
  • Jason Whetzell: Channel 101 Actor ... Himself
  • Perfect Blackbrain MD ... Man
  • Temps ... Apple


  • Kimiko Miko Girl ... Illustrator
  • Perfect Blackbrain MD ... Creator
  • Robocop ... Producer, Set Decorator, Illustrator


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