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Jeff Crocker is a born-and-raised Los Angeles artist who enjoys many of the same things he enjoyed as a young boy: cars, trucks, robots, ray-guns, and post-apocalyptic wastelands where there are no cooties or homework. His love of visual effects has taken him from presidential kittens to pill-popping puppets; a giant squid to a cardboard robot; the Afghanistan War to the war on drugs. Digital compositing, miniature effects, practical rigs, motion graphics, animation, and everything in between.

Always using each job to add to his ever-expanding skill set, Jeff has been employed by many excellent companies, including Comedy Central, ABC-TV, Adult Swim/Cartoon Network, Stan Winston Studio, Netflix, Oil Factory, and MTV.

Jeff loves the colorful, the whimsical, and the exciting; each project is a chance to help tell an enthralling story in a dynamic visual medium. He considers himself lucky to have the chance to do what he loves every single day.

He currently works on the Superego Podcast, and as the Visual Effects Coordinator for CSI: New York and he frequently collaborates with Chris Garnaas.

He has worked on many shows that have screened at Channel 101 LA, as well as Adventure Team Zero for the Channel 101 FX pilot, and the rejected pilots Robot Butler and Inner Dudes.


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