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Extra T Adventures on Pit Planet

Extra T: Adventures on Pit Planet was a failed Channel 101 Pilot for August 2009. In Jason Aaron (AKA Jason Moran) 7th consecutive failed pilot he attempted to create "The Worlds stupidest idea for a show ever" and doesn't let down in this moderatly humerous show.

Quote from Jason Aaron "I pitched the idea to myself at work one day, I belive it went something like, "Imagine the Atari 2600 ET game as a shitty 80's cartoon, obviously the studio who would be bold enough to produce such a cartoon would want a "Huge star" to back the project. In the late 1980's none were bigger than criticly accaimed comedian Andrew "Dice" Clay so his image was quickly stolen and the role of Elliot "Dice" Clay was created. Put them on a Planet with a lawful evil wizard and all sorts of other comedian/alien team up super teams, include some shit about "The Space Popes" and you have something really spectacular""

Channel 101 Superstar Wade Randolf said "it wasn't bad" Which, by default, makes it the most bestest pilot Jason ever submitted as the others were quite bad.

TRIVIA: My friends 3 year old enjoys Extra T and calls it "Blue Jason"