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  • First Screening Sunday, October 29th - 2006
  • Last Screening Wednesday, February 28th - 2007
  • Last Audience Share 43.7% (7th at screening with 107 votes)

Since the 2005 cancellations of Lazer Fart and MESI Dan Harmon has lingered in the background of Channel 101, sneaking into various hit shows while working on "real" television for VH-1. Before 2006 was complete, Harmon delivered this poignant gem to October audiences and strolled back into prime time. Exposure tells the story of Dylan Carter, a struggling creative drawn to the power of Channel 101, who must overcome his own limitations and cope with rejection. On the show's similarities to Channel 101: The Musical, Harmon writes: "It's Last Temptation of Christ to Makiaris' Jesus Christ: Superstar."

It's really quite sweet, who knew Harmon had it in him?

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