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Dan Harmon (born January 3, 1973) is a writer and performer, and, along with Rob Schrab, a founder of Channel 101.

He also co-created with Rob the television pilot Heat Vision and Jack starring Owen Wilson and Jack Black. He has created several Channel 101 shows, some featuring Jack Black, Drew Carey and Sarah Silverman. He co-created Comedy Central's The Sarah Silverman Program and served as head writer for several episodes.

He was the creator, executive producer and a featured performer in Acceptable TV, a Channel 101-based sketch show airing for 8 episodes in March 2007 on VH1. He and Schrab co-wrote the inital screenplay for the Academy Award nominated film Monster House.

Harmon is a noted follower of Joseph Campbell. On the Channel 101 website, several essays regarding Harmon's interpretation of the Monomyth were posted: they are now reprinted on this wiki.

Harmon was a member of ComedySportz Milwaukee where he also co-founded (alongside Rob Schrab) the sketch troupe The Dead Alewives. They produced an album in 1996 entitled Take Down The Grand Master, in 1996. He wrote and and had a voice role in the Dungeons and Dragons sketch.

He created the NBC Sitcom Community and was executive producer for the first three seasons and then also the fifth. No one really knows what happened with the fourth season. David Seger, Spencer Strauss also serve on staff.

He has created the series Rick and Morty with Justin Roiland. Wade Randolph, Ryan Ridley, Tom Kauffman, Eric Acosta, Ryan Elder and Jack Cusomano also serve on staff. 

In July 2009, Harmon was nominated in two Emmy categories for his part in writing the Oscar telecast: Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Special and Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics, the latter of which he was awarded for "Hugh Jackman Opening Number" at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards.


Channel 101 Filmography[]

  • Cast:



Year Title Media Role Character
1997 Downer TV Movie Actor
1999 Heat Vision and Jack TV Movie Writer, Co-executive producer
2003 Time Belt TV Actor, Writer Eugene Murzowski (unknown episodes)
Computerman TV Actor, Writer, Executive Producer, Director Eugene Murzowski (unknown episodes)
2004 Twigger's Holiday Film Actor Mr. Reamer
Laser Fart Video Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Actor Dan/Laser Fart
2006 Channel 101 Pilot TV Creator, Executive Producer
Monster House Film Writer
Monster House Video Game Writer
Yacht Rock TV Actor Ted Templeman (2 episodes)
2007 Acceptable TV TV Creator, Actor, Executive Producer Various (22 episodes)
The Sarah Silverman Program TV Creator, Executive Producer,
2009 In the Motherhood TV Actor Maverick (1 episode)
Hi, I Killed the World Film Actor Dr. Fishburn
81st Annual Academy Awards TV Special Writer
Funny People Film Actor Paparazzi at Medical Center
Community TV Creator, Writer, Executive Producer
2014 Rick and Morty TV Co-Creator


Year Ceremony Award Result For Title
2007 Annie Awards Annie Nominated Best Writing in an Animated Feature Production Monster House
2009 Emmy Awards Emmy Nominated Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics 81st Annual Academy Awards
Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Special 81st Annual Academy Awards

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