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Comic Sacrifice is a production venture between Abed Gheith, Sevan Najarian and Justin Roiland.


Justin Roiland grew up in Manteca, California where he created a comic book called Comicsacrifice. The name was adopted because he would create a character and then sacrifice them by killing them.

When he moved to Los Angeles, Sevan Najarian and Abed Gheith followed him to help make movies and cartoons. Comicsacrifice was turned into a production company that would soon bring the old comic characters back to life in cartoon form including Toro and Moro.

Comic Sacrifice gained notoriety by producing the House of Cosbys series for Channel 101 LA. The episodes went viral all over the internet to the extent of finding the attentions of Bill Cosby and his lawyers. They threatened a law suit if CS did not cease and desist further production and distribution of the House of Cosbys series.

Comic Sacrifice produced 8 cartoons for Acceptable.TV, of which only Mister Sprinkles and Kosbees ever aired, due to Mister Sprinkles being voted back each week except the last. Comic Sacrifice also did animated webisodes for The Sarah Silverman Program. The Unmarketables can be seen in the June 11th Video Podcast.

Due to creative differences, Mighty Money was formed.