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Scissor Cop Ep 3

Prine (left) with Benny Baldwin

Chris Prine is an actor, writer, editor, musician, and director of Channel 101:NY shows. He is best known for being the most handsome individual in the Channel 101 NY community. He is a founding member of Escape Pod Films and has appeared prominently in Scissor Cop and Sandwich of Terror. He currently plays the title character in The Stryker Files.

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Working at Home with Chris!

  • Chris Prine is unusually allergic to shellfish. Whenever he eats shrimp, a stranger dies.
  • He voted illegally in the state of Indiana for Gene Amondson, chair of the Prohibition Party, in the 2008 presidential election.
  • His mustache in Scissor Cop is real, he wears a latex skin flap over his upper lip to cover 'The Beast' in public appearances.
  • Sometimes he all like 'mah' and we all like 'whaooo?'
  • Now out of print, the 2008 album 'Fearnini: Songs Inspired By Sandwich of Terror'  features Chris performing with Norah Jones, "Cafe Monte Cristo" and Siouxie Sioux "Club Wrap"
  • Successfully sued the L.A. Lakers for gender discrimination after his dismissal from the Laker Girls. Uses the settlement to finance his Channel 101 projects.
  • Growing up, Chris turned to magic to save his village from the yeti.

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