Channel 101 Wiki

By Headzo on the forums.

Too long has the Cinespace audience held all the power at Channel101. Too long have the internet masses gone unnoticed and marginalized. Well, March 2007 had turned the tables, with a revolutionary new program: ChooseYourOwnSelectAVision.TV. Creators Dan Harmon and JD Ryznar, first in line to parody themselves, brought the power to the people with this exciting anthology show that overflowed with energy and interactivity. The show was cancelled in August 2007 when, in an interesting turn of events never before seen at Channel 101, the fifth episode did not make it to the screening on time.

This was basically a satire of Acceptable.TV's habit of going on about interactivity and Forum trolls demand for the voting to be done by website visitors and not the Cinespace audience.

Got cancelled due to JD and Harmon not finishing the 5th episode in time.