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BOILING SKY is the name of a loose confederation of filmmakers, under the direction of David Jackson, who were all at one time or another residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In 2007, BOILING SKY created a number of award-winning short films, each directed by Jackson, edited by Kimberly Huston, and shot by Mitch Rasque and Matt Batta, often featuring successful stage actors Charles Thao and Joshua Ratz.

BOILING SKY STUDIO was located in the art center of Milwaukee, in the Historic Third Ward district, where they built a teensy little stage and green screened up a wall.

The Milwaukee alumni continue to produce short films, and Mitch Rasque and frequent collaborator Clancey Byrne won an audience prize for their short "Partners in Crime."

In 2008, Jackson and Huston relocated to New York City, and continue to work commercially, as well as under the BOILING SKY name. Huston is a member of New York Women in Film & Television, and Jackson is a member of Independent Feature Project and consults with distributor IndiePix Films.


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