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Occono Occono 23 September 2009

My thoughts as I watch Channel 101 shows.

Instead of spamming up the forums, I'll just keep them here:

  • Did people know Chase, Oliver and McHale were going to be cast in Community when Water and Power 9 aired?
  • Why aren't all the Classroom episodes available?
  • The search is down.
  • Any pilot I might ever try to make will probably be a lot like Quest or Compassion.....
  • Time Travel is a sign of a soon-to-end show.
  • Justin Roiland's every shriek is gold.
  • The Time Belt fansite calls Chris Tallman "Christ Tallman".
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Occono Occono 25 August 2009

This is not Wikipedia.

It's not Uncyclopedia or Encyclopedia Dramatica either.

Ideally, the feel should be that of TV Tropes: lighthearted and easygoing, but constructive and helpful. :)

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