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The digital revolution was supposed to change everything. We were going to throw off the yokes of our Hollywood oppressors and forge our own entertainment. It was to be a leap to the future and a return to the past, when cavemen sat around bonfires grunting tales of imagined gods. We would be the writers, directors, and stars of our own stories.

Instead, we remain paralyzed on futons, eyes semi-focused on the twenty-seventh season of American Idol.

While we may never know what went wrong, we can work to make things right. The war between commerce and storytelling rages on. Join the fight. Write a script. Grab a video camera. Make a television show for Channel 101:NY.

How It Works

Anyone, anywhere mails in a pilot that is five minutes or less, on a miniDV tape.
The creators of the prime time shows watch all submissions.
They pick the best ones to be screened.
At the screening, a live audience watches the new pilots and new episodes of the prime time shows.
The audience votes. Top 5 shows become the new prime time lineup.


Every month, five-minute TV shows are screened for a live audience in New York City. The audience votes to renew some shows and cancel others.

The top five shows become the new "prime time" lineup; losing shows are banished forever.

The next month, prime time shows return with new episodes, pitted against each other and a crop of fresh new pilots.

At Channel 101, your entertainment destiny is in your hands. If you like a show, nurture it with your votes and it will bloom into a series. If you don't like a show, it goes away. Wouldn't it be great if "real" television worked this way?

Watch our shows. Then make one.

Submit a pilot episode of a TV show five minutes (or less) in length on a MiniDV cassette labeled with your name, the name of your show, and your email address to:

P.O. Box 1398
New York NY 10276

Channel101: NY is produced by Stephen Levinson. Channel 101 was originally created by Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab in LA. For information about the LA show, check out 101.